A Compostable Alternative to Styrofoam Coolers

As you know, shipping anything cold has historically been a landfill nightmare. But, we’ve found a wonderful solution and are really excited to tell you about it.

Our shipping coolers are made of Green Cell Foam and not Styrofoam (or any other non-compostable material). Green Cell Foam is made from US-grown, non-GMO corn starch that is BPI Certified Compostable. Simply Dara™ uses Green Cell Foam for all of our online orders to keep your RAW BALLS® cool.

What does this mean to you?
Well, quite simply it makes you an eco-badassador with every purchase! When you receive your shipment of RAW BALLS™ you can remove the foam pieces from inside the cardboard boxes and do any of the following to protect the environment:

  • Place in your backyard compost pile – it completely biodegrades in 60 days
  • Place in a bucket of water, let dissolve, then pour on your plants – it’s great plant food
  • Place in a sink and hold under warm water – it’ll dissolve without any harm to your system
  • Place in a closet to re-use later – it can be disassembled to take up less storage room than a Styrofoam cooler.

Feel free to click on these links to find out more about Green Cell Foam and BPI certified compostable products.