Meet Dara

Our Mission

rawball-daraOur mission is to make foods that make sense. To make you question your foods before you ingest them. And of course, to enjoy the foods like ours that you carefully selected! We want to help you recognize the connection between your food, your body, and your environment. If we can inspire people to become more curious about what real food means, then we’ve made a difference. We want to give you honest, helpful information on our foods and ingredients so you can learn to dissect the messages and products that big business has been selling us for generations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create a world where responsible eating and responsible living coexist. We want to help educate and inspire individuals to become educated and aware of the food chain and how food relates to our bodies and the impact on the environment. And ideally, to create a world where raw food from Simply Dara RAW BALLS® becomes a permanent line item on your grocery list.

About Us

Simply Dara RAW BALLS® is a family owned and operated company in Boulder, CO. We started making quality foods simply because we had challenges finding honest, whole, responsible foods that we could confidently feed our family and friends. We make each one of these responsibly and with a clear conscience. You’ll find it hard to believe they’re good for you. Look at the ingredients and decide for yourself.

Have the balls to make a healthier you!
~Dara Haid

(Pronounced Day-rah)

About our Founder, Dara Haid

Dara’s journey towards creating healthy foods was sparked by questions from her daughter, Katelyn. Being a preschooler in a community like Boulder, Katelyn was exposed to many different philosophies about food and diet (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, macrobiotic, raw). At the ripe old age of 4 ½ , Katelyn was questioning the food Dara put in front of her. “Mommy, is this a killed thing?” “Mommy, where did this come from?” This sent Dara on a journey of discovery about her family’s food.

“I had considered myself a vegetarian since High School, feathers and fins exempt, and thought myself pretty savvy/educated on healthy eating. What I was discovering though, had me rethinking our entire food lifestyle,” says Dara.

Dara soon started finding raw snack recipes, adding her own flair to the recipes, and eventually innovating her very own recipes with various flavor and spice combinations. Dara gave them to friends, neighbors, baby sitters, teachers and everyone’s response made it quite clear – Dara had a phenomenal product.

“It was awesome to see people truly enjoying healthy, real, vegan food. They really loved these things,” remarks Dara.

Soon someone said “these are so amazing, you should sell em”. That was it. Four months later, Simply Dara RAW BALLS® was born.