Extraordinary Health Magazine Vol28
Cool Picks
The name isn’t the only thing that will catch your attention. The cookie dough taste and texture will fool your brain into thinking it’s dessert, but these tree-nut based snacks are a healthy, nutrient-dense, real food choice…
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Got RAW BALLS®? Maybe you should!

Product Review – Simply Dara RAW BALLS® are an excellent all natural, vegan, gluten free, organic and “raw food” snack for cyclists. Nutrition has been a hot topic in the cycling community lately and there seems to be a trend towards “real foods”, think Allen Lim and the Feed Zone Cookbook. There also seems to be more and more cyclists going vegan or gluten free. In that vain, we’ve noticed a new product out of Boulder, Simply Dara RAW BALLS®, that seems to fit right in with this trend, so we thought we’d give them a try.
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Simply Dara RAW BALLS®, SIMPLY DELICIOUS – Dara Haid’s Mission to Create Awareness Through Food

“We want to help educate and inspire individuals to become aware of the food chain, to become aware of how food relates to our bodies and the impact on the environment,” says Dara Haid, founder of local Boulder company Simply Dara RAW BALLS®. Simply Dara RAW BALLS® are vegan, gluten-free raw snacks that are the most delicious healthy treats on the market. With flavors such as dark chocolate chile, apricot oat and original cacao, the RAW BALLS® ironically taste more like a wholesome variety of cookie dough than a typical vegan snack.
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