What are Clean Foods and Clean Eating?

No, we aren’t talking about washing your food (even though that is a good thing to do). Unfortunately, Clean Foods and Clean Eating fall into the category of food references that are not used consistently and for which there aren’t specific definitions. That being said, we’ll provide our take on how we generally see Clean Foods and Clean Eating used in literature today.

Clean Foods is often used to describe foods in their most natural state. This means foods that do not have artificial ingredients of any kind and do not have added fats, preservatives, and sugars. It also implies minimal processing. In essence, food in it’s most basic, simplest form. The act of eating clean foods is Clean Eating.

Clean Foods are full of flavor and nutrition. Clean foods don’t give you sudden highs and then cause you to crash. Great for meals and snacks, it’s easy to find clean foods, just look for foods that are closest to their natural state.

RAW BALLS® fall into this category. We start and stick with ingredients that you know and can pronounce. Although we chop and mix our ingredients, they are not heated/cooked (learn more in our upcoming Raw Ingredients article).

BuzzFeed and High50 provide example recipes for clean eating and additional ways on how Clean Foods and Clean Eating are defined.

Always remember, whenever you see Clean Foods and Clean Eating, dig a little deeper to find out what they are truly talking about. You might be surprised!